2011+ Sienna Cusco Zero-A Coilovers
2011+ Sienna Cusco Zero-A Coilovers 2011+ Sienna Cusco Zero-A Coilovers 2011+ Sienna Cusco Zero-A Coilovers
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The Cusco Street ZERO-A coilovers feature a full height adjustable system enables the perfect ride height adjustment without sacrificing damper stroke or spring preload.

The newly developed 40-way adjustable twin-tube shock absorber system enables a wide range of suspension setting suitable for virtually any given road condition. Factory upper mounts are reused for those who prefer comfort, or Cusco pillow ball upper mounts (sold separately) can be incorporated into the kit for more adjustment capabilities and direct road feedback. Each coil over suspension is specially valved and dimensionally designed per vehicle application.
The new CPRV valve is a pressure dependent system where it prevents the piston speed from falling below a sufficient "comfort" level. This suspension coilover unit does it all, from street to circuit, and its 40 way needle valve dampening characteristics can be changed with a single push of a button. (via Econ2).


  • 40 way adjustable needle valve shock absorber w/ redesigned base valve
  • Low compression twin-tube shock absorber with redesigned base valve
  • Full height adjustable structure, for full shock stroke capabilities
  • Precision cut shock case thread with special coating
  • Quiet operation
  • Ribbed lower bracket made with different metal according to each vehicle.
  • ECon2 Electronic Damper Control Unit compatible
  • Each suspension exceeds over 500 hours of elemental testing standards


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