91-99 Toyota Previa RSR Super Down Springs

RSR is one of the premier JDM suspension companies and these Previa springs are no exception. Made in Japan and promise to retain stock-like characteristics with the added lowered stance and better handling. 
Price includes shipping to 48 states except Hawaii and Puerto Rico. 
Compatibility: 1991-1999 Toyota Previa
Chassis code: TCR10W
Approximate Drop (1991-1993):
Front -50mm to -55mm (-2.0in to -2.2in)
Rear -60mm to -65mm (-2.4in to -2.6in)
Approximate Drop (1994-1999 Supercharged):
Front -55mm to -60mm (-2.2in to -2.4in)
Rear -55mm to -60mm (-2.2in to -2.4in)
Spring Rates:
Front 3.00kg/mm
Rear 5.30kg/mm