Cravenspeed Gemini Phone Mount
Cravenspeed Gemini Phone Mount Cravenspeed Gemini Phone Mount Cravenspeed Gemini Phone Mount Cravenspeed Gemini Phone Mount Cravenspeed Gemini Phone Mount
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The Scissor attachment is only compatible with devices with a width between 55-75mm.

Bolt on Anywhere

Our most versatile phone holder, The Bolted Phone Mount, can be installed just about anywhere. It offers the same flexibility, security, and convenience as our standard Gemini Mounts, but can be installed in any vehicle. It can go with you to your next car, and will always offer up a solid spot for any device.

What's the Catch?

The Bolted Phone Mount takes a direct approach to attaching to your vehicle. In this case, high versatility does come at the cost of semi-permanent modification. To install this mount you'll need to drill two small holes into an interior panel so that the mount can be bolted directly to your car. For a mount that you will use every day, the freedom to install it wherever you want and the strength of the attachment to the vehicle are hugely beneficial. Check out the install guide to get a detailed overview of the process.

MagSafe vs Scissor

The Bolted Phone Mount is available with two different types of device attachments. Our MagSafe attachment is compatible with any device and offers the ultimate speed and convenience. Phones or cases equipped with MagSafe will attach directly to the magnet. For non-MagSafe devices, an adhesive metal ring is included. Simply stick the ring to your phone or case. In both cases, Qi or wireless charging functionality is maintained. If your phone is Qi compatible, It is important to ensure that the adhesive metal ring is centered over the charging coil when it is applied.

We also offer a scissor grip attachment for those looking for an alternative to the MagSafe attachment. With this version, CNC machined billet aluminum arms form a spring loaded gripper mechanism. The soft rubber pegs gently but securely grip your device to ensure that it does not fall out. The scissor mechanism can rotate 360 degrees so the phone can be held in either portrait or landscape mode. 

If you are looking for charging capability, we also offer a MagSafe Charger Holder attachment. Using Apple's MagSafe charger, this method offers the fastest wireless charging rates available.

Quality Materials, High Functionality

The Bolted Phone mount is machined and assembled in the USA. The base of the mount and the ball end are anodized black. The 8” flexible arm is highly adjustable and wrapped in a matte black silicone sleeve. All CravenSpeed phone mounts come with a lifetime warranty. All necessary hardware is included.